Frequently Asked Questions


Should I apply online or in writing (printed letter or email)?
We hope you understand that we cannot accept any applications by e-mail. Please only use our online application procedure (you will find the relevant button below in each job advertisement). 

Why does Software AG prefer online applications?
Applying online has many advantages for you and Software AG. We can process your application much faster, you receive an automatic confirmation of receipt, and it saves you the cost of applications on paper (postage, printing costs, application portfolio, photo, etc.). We believe online applications are no less favorable and just as informative as paper applications. 

How do I apply online to Software AG?
There are 2 main steps in our online application process:
Registration: you can open a user account via "access profile".
Application: you can complete the mandatory fields in the application section and submit the application for an open job (including attachments: there is a size limit of 5 MB for every single file and 10 MB for the total). You are also recommended to complete the other candidate profile fields in the same section (fully optional) - with this, you increase the chances that our recruiters find you when searching for good candidates for future jobs.

How much time will I need for my online application?
It will take you about 10 minutes to register on our career-home page, fill in the mandatory fields for the application and attach your documents.

Why do I have to register first?
When you register, you open a user account at Software AG, through which any further actions on your part will be launched – e.g., applications submitted to specific job offers or creation of a candidate profile, etc. By opening an account, you authorize the global recruiters of Software AG to see your general data (basic data) and your candidate profile information (if any).
Basic data includes:
Last name, first name, e-mail address, country of residence
During registration, you can decide if you want to receive automatic agent emails about new job openings related to your selected interest. You can change this selection in your profile at any time if you no longer wish to receive the emails.

Which documents should I upload with my online application?
We consider a complete application to include a brief cover letter, a CV, certificates and work references.

Is there a maximum file size for the attachments?
Our system accepts all common file formats: .doc, .htm, .pdf, .txt, .xls, .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .rtf, .bmp, .xls(x), .doc(x), .ppt(x)
Please note:
Due to system security reasons, we cannot accept compressed file formats (like .zip or .rar)
There is a size limit of 5,000 KB for every single file and 10 MB for the total.

Can I modify or withdraw my job application online?
Yes, you can modify or withdraw your Job Application whenever you like. Your information is secure, so you’ll need to log in to make changes. Follow these steps to change your Job Application information:
Sign in to your account
Click on “Jobs Applied” and select the job you want to modify or withdraw.
For modifications, when you are finished with the changes, click “Update”.
For withdrawal, click “Withdraw Application” and confirm the action.
Please note:
To ensure that you have a complete overview of your job application and history, the system won’t allow you to delete the application completely. But of course you can modify or withdraw your application at any time by the above described steps.

Where can I find my saved applications?
If you have a job application which you saved without submission, you can find it following the steps as below:
Sign in to your account.
Click on “Saved Applications”, select the job applications you want to work on. You can continue to work on the application, submit it or delete it.

How can I modify my candidate profile?
To modify your candidate profile, sign in to your account.
After you are finished with the updates, click on the “Save” button.

When will I receive feedback?
You should usually receive feedback within five working days. In individual cases, this may take longer as a result of holidays, illness or specific projects.

What is the application process at Software AG?
The selection process begins when you submit your online application. The recruiting team reviews your information to determine if there is a skill match with an open position. If yes, you will be contacted by a member of the recruiting team. If no match, you will be notified and your information will remain in our database and sourced against future opportunities. In case of any question, please don´t hesitate to contact the responsible recruiter!

Who can I contact if I have any questions about a job advertisement?
For each job advertisement you will see a contact person who is available to answer questions at any time.

How often are the job advertisements updated? Are all job advertisements that are displayed on the job portal still available?
Our job advertisements are updated daily. If a position is filled, the job advertisement is removed immediately from the job portal. You can therefore assume that all positions on the job portal are still available.

Can I also make a speculative application?
If you do not find a suitable job advertisement on our job portal, you can open a user account and create your candidate profile.

I have opted to receive automatic e-mail alerts. Do I have to apply for every new job?
If you have selected to receive e-mail notifications from us, you will receive messages about new job openings that align with your profile or interests as soon as the job is published on our homepage.
The e-mail you receive will help you to identify new jobs you may be interested in. You will need to apply for a specific job opening to be considered for a job at Software AG.

I no longer want to receive updates of job postings from the Software AG. How can I deactivate the email notifications?
In every email notification, you will find an “Unsubscribe” link.
At the top right corner of your candidate profile page, you can edit or delete a specific job alert in "Options" ->  "Job Alerts”.

On your homepage, I saw a job that would be a good fit for a friend. Can I send information about this job to him or her?
Yes, you can! Please use “Share this Job” function above the “Apply Now” button and choose the “Email” icon. You can also share the job to your friend via other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

I was referred by an employee of Software AG. What will happen next?
If you were referred by one of our employees, you will receive an e-mail from the recruiting-team. The e-mail will invite you to apply for the job you were referred to. Please follow the instructions in the email you received.

I forgot my password. What should I do?
Click on “Access Profile” to navigate to the login page, enter your email address, then click “Forgot Password?” Within a few minutes, you will receive an email that will include a link to a page where you can reset your password.

I want to change my password. What should I do?
Sign in to your account.
Open the “Options” dropdown list at the top right corner of the page and select “Settings”.
Enter the new password and confirm your entry.

I no longer want to share my contact information and application with Software AG. How can I delete my account?
We strongly recommend that you keep your account active for your own good. However, if you made the decision to delete your account, sign in to your account, open the “Options” dropdown list at the top right corner of the page and select “Settings”. Then click on "Delete Profile".
Please note: By taking this step, not just your profile will be deleted but also all your applications will be withdrawn. This will close your account and you are no longer able to access your account with the original username/password.

I am a Software AG internal employee. How can I apply for an open position?
Just go to the startpage of Career4U, open the drop down list of the Main Menu and click on “Job Board” to enter the career section for internal employees.

Who can I contact if I have any technical problems during the online application?
If you have any questions concerning your applications: Please contact the responsible recruiter – to be found in the job advertisement.
If you have any technical problems, please contact