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Vice President* Sales Operations & Transformation

Darmstadt U9

Locations: Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Darmstadt, Saarbrücken, Stuttgart, Nürnberg, Munich - Germany





The name “Software AG” may never appear on your online banking screen, your candy wrapper or the cup from your barista. You may never see “Software AG” in the movie’s credits, on your mouse or on the side of the plane you just flew —but our software is virtually everywhere. The fact is leading brands use Software AG technology every day to serve you better. 

Our customers include nine of the 10 largest U.S. banks and leading online payment, credit card and investment firms; major airlines, train companies and transit authorities, even a space travel organization; companies that make favorite sodas, coffee and chocolate; manufacturers of PCs and peripherals; and thousands more. 


Leading organizations trust us. One reason: We’re driven by customer success. 


We help businesses transform - and we are transforming as a business ourselves. Under the direction of our new CEO and powered by true investments we are optimizing our product lines, geographies and revenue streams. We are also focusing much more on the customer and on our people and teams. We are helping them to adopt a Growth Mindset and embrace collaboration and partnering. 

All of this is designed to set up Software AG for unprecedented growth. 

As a result, we are creating new roles and departments, defining new processes and eliminating or fixing those that stop us from scaling or delivering the right customer or people experience. 


It’s an exciting journey – there is so much to be done! 





The Vice President Sales Operations & Transformation* for DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) is a new role. A sales person at heart and a peer to and the right hand of the President of the region. 

You will assist in managing the business (e.g. cadence, execution overview), driving demand generation activities and operational programs under your area of responsibility. 

You will also represent DACH in absence of the President and, when and if required, you will fill in for temporary vacancies of sales leadership roles in the region. 

You will have a solid reporting line into the Regional President DACH and a dotted line into the Global COO and be responsible for a team of five to ten direct reports including the: 


  • Newly created Customer Success Management team that will assist with nurturing existing customers on recurring revenue countries to ensure smooth renewals and strong adoption/ expansions 

  • Newly created Sales Development Rep team – SDRs sit between the marketing function and sales taking over lead management all the way to opportunity creation. 

  • Business Consultants that will help guide and execute the go to market strategies for all product lines into the individual countries within DACH 

  • Partner Management 

  • Programs Office  





To define and execute on programs that result in a pipeline of 3X coverage of the quarterly booking targets. This will be accomplished by: 


  1. Driving ongoing Demand Generation Activities as the Head of the Demand Generation Council, 

  1. Generating incremental partner sourced pipeline and revenue (to be defined), and 

  1. Coordination of Enablement programs to increase proficiency of sales measured in seller participation rate (targeted outcome: 1. 80% participation rate targeted, 2, 70% of sellers will meet or exceed 70% of their annual quota). 


To increase and maintain the predictability of the business and to ensure that the region meets or exceeds defined quarterly sales targets. This will be accomplished by: 


  1. Running the weekly cadence (Forecasting), 

  1. Performing Deal Reviews and coaching sessions for key opportunities, 

  1. Working with each Account Executive to create at least one software deal equaling or exceeding 500k EUR per year, and 

  1. Increasing new logo acquisitions by 25% above 2019 figures through Software AG direct sales or with partner organizations. 


To lead the Software AG transformation for the DACH Region, measured by e.g. the adoption of the newly created subscription model.  


To maintain and/or increase an employee satisfaction, engagement and attrition percentage to be defined and discussed upon hire. 





As above, this is primarily a sales role. To be successful you must be able to: 


  • Calculate pricing to maximize business opportunities 

  • Coach on value selling techniques to drive substantial sales through differentiated solutions 

  • Spot repeatable opportunities to scale across the region 

  • Complete sales forecasts including deal size, probability and closing timeline which are substantially accurate. 

  • Develop new customer relationships 


Therefore, we require the following fields of experience: 


  • Several years of working in operational excellence and of working with Customer Success Management, Programs Office, Partner Management and Business Consultants 

  • Experienced leader with many years of experience in managing teams of at least 15 employees 

  • Experience in working on second hierarchy below board level 

  • Several years of professional experience in dealing with complex software and IT solutions (SaaS) or in supporting existing customers in the enterprise environment 





Passion to succeed – Driven 

You are hungry for achievement and have a proven track record of setting – and getting – goals. You understand the importance of teaming up with the President DACH to set-up the region for long-term growth whilst successfully delivering quarter on quarter sales quotas. 


Open-minded and willing to relearn 

Regardless of age or experience, to successfully fit into Software AG’s culture you must be open-minded, willing to listen and allow for new and different ways of doing business. 


Systematic planning and Detail-oriented 

You believe success just not only happen to good people, but needs to be earned and planned for. Whilst you enjoy the interaction with the sales team and the customers outside, preparation for meeting outcomes, cadence execution and not only knowing “a number” to hunt for but also understand how to get there is part of your DNA. As such you also enjoy “getting to the bottom” of it and understanding your new environment before jumping ahead. Your approach is to take time to ask questions, understand how it works and figure out the boundaries, then to resolve issues and explore opportunities within those boundaries. 


Value based sales evangelist 

You are a true a believer in fully and deeply understanding the solutions we provide to our customers and strive for discovering business problems that drive a customer need to look for a collaboration with Software AG. In essence you subscribe to value selling techniques, translating functions and features to tangible outcomes and strategic initiatives. Your ability to contextualize shows in your passion for structuring deal commercials and in preparation for negotiations in an environment rather than focusing on discounts. 


Ability to prioritize and results focused 

Days are busy at Software AG with constant opportunities to get easily distracted. You need to keep cool and follow through your must do activities. You enjoy the challenge of multi-tasking as it is easy for you set clear priorities. Prioritization sometimes triggers tough choices, the perfect world does not get created over time and so a clear understanding of what matters and deliver against set goals to ensure more investments follow is crucial. 


Listening and outside of the box thinking 

You enjoy creativity when it comes to solutioning customer problems. Why? Because this is part of your winning strategy to create compelling value propositions with unique commercial value to the customer. The solutions might be one of the firsts and considered “non-standard”. Listening to your customers and understanding their drivers and motivators has been proven to be a strength of yours. 


A quick learner 

Working at Software AG, you will enjoy the depth, breadth and possibilities of how our technology could be applied. There is lot to learn and you will need to dedicate time to learn what we do. Being 

quick on your feet and able to absorb lots of new information and adjusting to various situations will help you succeed in this role. 


Strong work ethic 

The role of the COO is a demanding, versatile and new role. Growth in our business and the great interest in the Software AG portfolio creates exciting opportunities which require flexible working hours. As Software AG DACH, we stand for superior customer service, going the extra mile for our teams which is not achievable with a 9 to 5 work attitude. Also, travel will be required to get to know the teams and customers and embed yourself into execution. 



*m/f/d – Diversity is key! 




Please only apply online. Your application should contain a short motivation letter, your CV and your certificates.    

Your contact: 

Yvonne Exeler, Manager, HR Recruiting & Onboarding DACH, Phone +49 (0) 681 210 3727